Healing Hands of Zen
Therapeutic Way to the New You

Healing Hands of Zen

Healing Hands of Zen  is located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento by the Kings Stadium 7th and K Street. Originated from the natural remedies, educational background and life pain treatments to which the owner experienced through her years. 

Healing Hands of Zen use variety of massage strategies and special techniques-to help the client to relieve pain and provide them with excellent customer service skills.

  • Healing Hands of Zen believe in - That it's not the touch - It’s a frequency to your vibe!
  • Speaking with my clients and understanding their daily routines
  • Providing a follow-up on what works more for their body 
  • Providing the best relaxing methods to my clients while being in a positive state of relaxation: mind, body, and soul.


Healing Hands of Zen use a positive frequency such as A Good VIBE of endorphins to act as positive messengers on your pain waves. Allowing and keeping the positive mindset while understanding your pain. Relieving your stress hormone cortisol (it plays a huge part in our daily fight to fight responses. At the same time, the client is releasing chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. It makes the body feel secure, safe, and relaxed. 


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